It all started the day Lexi's mum came home with a copy of The Princess Bitchface Syndrome - Surviving Adolescent Girls. Needless to say, Lexi was not impressed by the sarcastic dismissal of the daily struggles of teenage life, as if they could be so easily diagnosed and treated.

Besides, there were countless resources to help a mother deal with her teenage daughter. What was out there to help a teenage girl deal with her mother?

Nothing. And Lexi wasn't happy about it.

Dealing With Mother is the very first resource providing strategies and support for teenage girls to do exactly that, deal, and is the response to society’s dismissal of the role a mother plays in the challenging relationship with her teenage daughter. Dealing With Mother also covers essential teenage topics like love, friendships, school and health, accompanied by personal stories and a cheeky sense of humour.

DealingWithMother.com is place for teenage girls to share their stories, seek advice from Lexi and access resources to survive the teenage years. Welcome!

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Lexi has devoted her early 20’s to uncovering why her relationship with her mother was such a huge source conflict in her teenage years. Passionately believing her teenage hormones were not only to blame, Lexi set out to prove that the mother of a teenage girl contributes to that conflict just as much as her daughter. Dealing With Mother is the final product of Lexi’s research.

Also understanding how lonely teenage life can be, Lexi is helping teenage girls deal with one of the toughest phases of life by opening up about her own experiences and providing a safe place to seek support. Lexi can be contacted using the ‘Vent’ page about any topic at any time!

Lexi lives in Brooklyn, New York, but will always call Australia home.

Lexi is not a mental health professional. Dealing With Mother is endorsed by child and adolescent clinical psychologist. Child and adolescent psychologists were consulted throughout the production of Dealing With Mother.

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